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  1. As I am typing, 3 buzzards are circling overhead, a woodpecker is drumming, a flock of Siskins are being very noisy and monopolising the feeders, and daffodils and crocuses are looking beautiful all around me.  Could it be that Spring is here?!  After the incredible cold of the last week or two, with temperatures plummeting and more snow than you could shake a stick at, things here are slowly getting back to normal.....Frogs are making whoopee in the large pond down the road, and I am busy planning my permaculture garden which will hopefully be self-sufficient in organic fruit and veg, applying the principles of Forest Gardening, aided by milder temperatures and increasing light.  Felt a bit energetic and gave all my bird tables and feeders a good clean to help stop the spread of disease and saw a pair of bluetits checking out the new nestbox.  Good luck to 'em I say!

  2. Wowzers, it has certainly got cold!  Not just for us either, can you imagine how the birds must feel?!  They may look puffed-up and fat but that it just to try an insulate their feathers against the cold.  You can help them survive this cold snap by putting out some much-needed food.  Peanuts from a reputable source, sunflower seeds, suet, mealworms, raw or cooked pastry, dried fruit, mashed or jacket potatoes, and don't forget clean water!  I have been rewarded by the sight of Siskins and also a Treecreeper on my feeders, so feeling a bit smug - sorry!!