Birding in Bexhill

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  1. Wow what happened to summer?  I feel very sorry for all the countries in the world who are experiencing these dreadful hurricanes and floods.  No such thing as Climate change?!  Anyway the Autumn Equinox is nearly here with equal hours of light and dark, and the harvest is all around us in the rich hedgerows of fruit and and berries.  The Goddess gives but in the slow smell of decaying leaves and increasing darkness she reminds us that she is now very much in her crone phase.  We give thanks for the light we still have and prepare for winter.  Already flocks of tits and finches are forming hunting parties, curlews are gathering at Pett Levels near Hastings and a wonderful murmeration of starlings descends on my mealworm feeder several times a day.  The Herring Gulls are a lot quieter too!  Looking forward to the arrivals of waterfowl and waders soon.  Happy Birding xx

  2. It is easy to think of the town as a place devoid of much in the way of bird life, but look again.  It depends on your perspective.  Herring Gulls in Bexhill lurk about like hoodies on street corners, I always think, and this time of year they are noisily raising their young on roofs and high narrow balconies above shops and flats.  I have a tame pair who visit me daily for scraps, and sit outside my kitchen door.  A lot of people consider them a menace as they ransack bins and steal chips, but my answer is that they dont make rubbish in the way that we humans do!  I admire their chutzpah, I must say!  Pigeons too divide people, and once again I have to defend them.  Colourful and cheeky they wait for me to put seed on the birdtable every morning, and woe betide me if I am late!  I always admire the way some species accept man and can live alongside and flourish, but do we show them the same consideration?  Nope! Why oh why do we have to consider these species a nuisance? We treat them with contempt but are very happy to throw money at species that are less successful! The House Sparrow is a classic example of our neglect and contempt and is now on the amber list!  You never miss a thing until it is gone.....