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Getting Mabon in Balance!

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Merry Meet, welcome to my page!  We have just had some glorious weather down here in Sussex, and really it was only a slight chill this morning as I drew the blinds, as well as the fact that it is getting darker now a lot earlier, that reminds me that Summer is really over now.  This week light and dark will be in balance, can we say the same?! Dashing about, stressing over parking, work, money, horrible depressing News everywhere......I want some light please!!  As always when mankind, technology, terrorist threats and pollution gets me down, I try to either get to the beach, or out into the countryside here.  Have you seen the ripe juicy berries everywhere?  There was a gentle golden glow this morning of September, harvest time; nature quietly doing its thing.  Providing us with food to gather and store before it goes into itself, back to the Earth. to sleep until next Spring.  This year is slowly dying, and we should be gathering in and reaping the harvest of all the good things we have achieved, and thanking the Goddess. Colours for your Altar can be red, brown or orange, gather fruits and seeds from the hedgerows.  Not only do we want to be thankful for what we have, but we want to hold onto it, and for this a Corn Dolly can be symbolic.  We have opened our Ebay store and started a new line in Hemp Body Products!  So far, we have a Sweet Orange Body Wash, and Orange and Patchouli Body Lotion, and a fantastic Tattoo Balm, all made from Hemp Seed Oil. No parabens, no sulphates, no artificial colours or fragrances and NOT tested on animals.  We are getting more products in this week, including Manic Panic hair colour (vegan-friendly), so do check out our Shakti at greengoddessearth Ebay shop.  Have a great Mabon, Blessings, Green Goddess x

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