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Blessed Samhain

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Merry meet, and as of tomorrow happy new Year!  The wheel has turned again, and we are at that mysterious time when the veil between the worlds is thin,  We honour and maybe even catch a glimpse of those ancestors, who have passed, those who were dear to us.  We share their DNA, we are what they made us!  A good time to look at old photos maybe and to share memories. The clocks have gone back and now we enter this time of increasing darkness.  The Goddess is the Crone, and nature sleeps. Herne leads the Wild Hunt!  We go within, and maybe as we contemplate our lives over the last year, resolve to cast off anything that no longer serves.  It was the last harvest for our ancestors, and a time when the animals were slaughtered, and food had to be stored for the winter. Fires were extinguished then re-lit. At this time, the world is in turmoil, so if you are doing a meditation, or ritual this Samhain, will you join with me in a silent visualisation of peace throughout the entire world? Maybe we can raise a Cone of Power against violence, and hatred, and radiate some love, kindness and peace from this sacred Isle of Albion!  Anyway, We have some lovely new Fair Trade clothes, jewellery and giftware in Shakti greengoddessearth Ebay, and I am soon to be launching Mother and Baby Reiki sessions, which I am very excited about! So whatever you do this Samhain, I wish you joy.  The circle may be open, but remains unbroken.  Merry we Meet and Merry we part, and Merry we meet again!  Green Goddess x

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