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A Goddess of Many Names

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Merry Meet, welcome.  It is nearly Imbolc which is said to be sacred to Goddess Bridgid, also known as Brigantia or Bride.  She is the Goddess of spring, fire and healing and the Goddess of Bards.  Imbolc is the Celtic fire festival that falls between Yule and the Spring Equinox, just at the time that the light is slowly returning and maybe even a few snowdrops are appearing too, just to show us that the Goddess is returning and bringing Spring.  Our ancestors would have been celebrating the birth of lambs, and making offerings of ewe milk, as well as blessing the seeds that were to be sown. I love having a really good de-clutter at this time, getting rid of all that I do not need and if i can, maybe giving those curtains a good old wash!  I often try to save a bit of Yule greenery to burn, and decorate my altar with pink and white flowers - especially snowdrops.  There is so much turmoil in our world, insane politics and injustice on a world scale that angers and saddens me.  I shall light as many white candles as I can to hold the light and send healing out into the world, in the hope that somewhere sanity will prevail!  If you still do not have a Bridgid Cross, check out my new selection at Shakti greengoddessearth Ebay, we send orders out the same day we receive them (post office hours permitting!) so there is still time.  Blessed Imbolc my Pagan sisters and brothers, and may the Goddess shine her light into you at this time.  Blessings, the Green Goddess x

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