Birding in Bexhill

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Hail Ostara!

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Merry we meet once again, it is now officially Spring!  Well the vernal Equinox to be precise!  The time of year when we have the equal hours of night and daylight so in the Northern hemisphere we are in balance, then we tip over to increasing light and all of nature really begins to get going then.  Birds pairing and nesting, lambing, I need hardly tell you what a wonderful time this is.....although looking outside at the cold rain....BUT it is Spring cold rain and wind, not Winter cold rain and wind!  We can really get going on our goals now, bless your seeds on your altar before you sow them, and all your metaphorical seeds too.  New growth, fertility and hopefully increasing energy to achieve them.  I filled my flat with daffodils, Moon-gazing hare statues and of course little eggs, though i suspect a few may have mysteriously been eaten by now! I have put some new Hemp body products in my Ebay shop, Shakti greengoddessearth, the odd hare too, and for anybody living in the Battle area, watch this space as we have a new Moot starting up soon at the Senlac Pub!  Blessed Be, and Blessed Ostara x

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  1. Maggie Jones

    Hi - just found your page here. Any more news on the moot in Battle yet & is it open to anyone? My friend & I have been searching for a group for a long time, but after attending a COA course in Glastonbury earlier this month, we were advised to look in Bexhill - et voila!We are also planning to book a Tarot reading with you very soon. Blessed Be

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