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Solstice Blessings!

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Merry Meet!  Tis the Summer Solstice, at 5.24 am this very day to be precise and the Oak and Holly King will once again do battle, the Oak King will surrender his crown and the Holly King will preside!  The time for being out in the sunshine and topping up those vitamin D levels.  I have just found a bottle of mead to wash down some lemon drizzle cake with some friends whilst we finalise the first Moot of the Dark Moon at the Senlac Inn at Battle next Monday. So excited, as we have worked very hard towards this goal, and now it is almost upon us!  Traditionally Litha was when our ancestors celebrated the sun at the height of his power, and looked forward to reaping a good harvest later on.  Wishing Wells were dressed and water spirits were honoured.  Our website has gone in a slightly different direction over the last few weeks, as the Goddess once more leads me down the path that is right for me and I trust in her.  I wish you all good health, happiness and contentment, let there be peace throughout the whole world.  Blessed Be

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