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  1. Why oh why is the human race so stupid and selfish?!  I keep seeing people cutting back hedges, trees, bushes, you name it, because it is there, and 'in the way'.  Birds are nesting, infact practically all of nature is busily and harmlessly getting on with the business of raising their young, and they have the right to do it in peace, without being harrassed, or having their homes and young brutally murdered because we think we have the right to build another pointless road for our tin boxes on wheels, or have neat, sterile little gardens!  It is ILLEGAL as well as downright evil (in my opinion) to disturb or destroy nests.  If the human race wishes to continue committing Ecocide, it does it without my consent, not in my name, thank you, and if I catch you doing it, I shall be loud and possibly rude.  You have been warned......

  2. Now that Spring seems to be with us, the birds are getting down to the serious business of finding a mate, and building a nest in which to raise a brood.  If you put up a nestbox earlier in the year, keep an eye out for activity, i.e. birds flying in and out, and if you can,  putting out bits of wool or pet hairs is a great help to them, enabling them to save a bit of energy.  As the insect population increases, you may find food remaining on bird tables, but please do not stop feeding!  The birds are relying on you still.  Suet is still popular as well as seeds and mealworms, but peanuts can choke nestlings, so it is best not to offer these.

    Look out for hedgehogs waking up from hibernation, and if you put food out please do not give them bread and milk!!  Next month will see dragonflies and damselflies emerging around ponds, and migration really gets going, with swallows and swifts, and many warblers ariving to our shores, although Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps are here now.