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  1. Wowzers, it has certainly got cold!  Not just for us either, can you imagine how the birds must feel?!  They may look puffed-up and fat but that it just to try an insulate their feathers against the cold.  You can help them survive this cold snap by putting out some much-needed food.  Peanuts from a reputable source, sunflower seeds, suet, mealworms, raw or cooked pastry, dried fruit, mashed or jacket potatoes, and don't forget clean water!  I have been rewarded by the sight of Siskins and also a Treecreeper on my feeders, so feeling a bit smug - sorry!!

  2. Just remembered it is National Nest Box week this week peeps,  So if you haven't already put them up do so now!  Had a fantastic walk just now, real signs of Spring everywhere, with snowdrops and early daffs in hedgerows.  Birds appear to be in pairs when you see them, and some are beginning to sing their territory-claiming songs from the top of the still bare branches.  Love the sound of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker drumming! The sun has a wee bit of warmth in it now, even if the wind is still freezing.  Was thinking on my walk about wildlife I would like to see this year, Cuckoo, Nightingale, Bittern  and Turtle Dove are on my wish-list, as well as trying to film the Badgers in my garden. Here's Hoping!