Crystal Healing


 How does Crystal Healing work, and how can it help me?

Crystals come from the earth, and so do we!  For centuries it has been realised that the components of crystals can have a positive impact on our health, when positively charged and directed to use for healing.  The colours of many crystals correspond to the colours associated with the Chakras or energy wheels in our bodies.  Crystals have different properties which can be used to help us heal from many emotional and physical ailments.  The treatment involves the use of a pendulum to locate blockages in the chakras, and the placing of certain healing charged crystals on, or as close to the chakras as possible.  Clients are fully clothed, and lying comfortably and relaxed on a massage couch.  Many people report seeing colours, feeling tingles or warmth, and report a great sense of well-being after the treatment, which is concluded with a drink and snack.  A crystal is given as a free gift.  Crystal healing is suitable for everyone, and a treatment that can take up to an hour, is £15, or £20 for a home visit.

For further information, or to book a Crystal Healing Treatment, call Rosalind Leigh CIDESCO ITEC  on 07557 345894