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Welcome to Greengoddessearth.co.uk! We are a small, family-run business, passionate about Fair trade, veganism and earth-friendly products. We believe that enough is enough.  Our oceans contain almost as much plastic as they do fish!  Climate change, pollution, de-forestation, species extinction levels are all happening at an alarming rate, and caused by us.  What a legacy to leave to our children! Even the idea of not being given a free plastic bag in shops, seems to have turned into a marketing exercise to sell us one! 

We at greengoddessearth are trying to dispense with plastic altogether, and source and sell products that are 'green', bio-degradable and from sustainable sources.  We currently sell Gringo Fair trade clothing and shopping bags; as well as, ethical 'green' incense, Hemp body products, Vegan Hair Colours and driftwood giftware. We are ever hoping to expand and offer Eco-friendly cleaning products, and also a larger range of chemical-free and ethical body products. In the meantime, all our products are fair trade. environmentally-friendly, and BAFTS approved. You can safely order from us via paypal and we try as far as possible to use eco-friendly packaging!  As we are still only a small business, our supplies of certain items may be limited, but we try to provide a first-class, and friendly service! Support your local small businesses! All enquiries please contact me on 07557 345894, or email us on greengoddess@greengoddessearth.co.uk. 



The system cannot support Gaia. If the planet matters to you, you can help us make a difference.